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What is StarsBOX?

StarsBOX is an innovative accommodation solution, created in 2018 in the Ligurian Alps as a model of light tourism, strongly emotional and respectful of the environment and the natural landscape. To date, there are 25 StarsBOXes installed in 14 locations.

Do I need a permit to install StarsBOXes?

The type of authorisation procedure depends on the municipal planning of the area in which the property is located, on the type of applicant (private individual, accommodation facility, farm, etc.) and on the planned duration of the installation (for installations of a maximum of 90 days per year, simplifications are envisaged). Since the StarsBOX is a unique product, there are no specific regulations and we always recommend that you inquire in advance about the possibility of installing StarsBOXes at your city council.

Can I buy StarsBOXes for private use?

Of course, please contact us for all information on delivery times and methods.

What is the StarsBOX Constellation?

The purchase of a StarsBOX for tourist accommodation purposes offers the possibility of becoming part of the StarsBOX Constellation, the network of all the accommodation facilities that offer StarsBOXes to their customers. The network, which has its hub at, is designed to give visibility to the StarsBOX project by promoting the single accommodation facilities. We cooperate with professional bloggers and photographers who report on their StarsBOX experience to make it as widely known as possible. Also, the StarsBOX constellation allows you to contact the various accommodations for bookings. This method of communication, which we tested and optimized in the first phase, exponentially increases the effectiveness of the media resonance of the project and consequently of the single units in the StarsBOX network and ensures excellent results. The new regulations for participation in the StarsBOX Constellation establish admission criteria for new hospitality structures that wish to join the Constellation, to maintain a high standard of quality for StarsBOX locations, favouring installations in outstanding natural settings. The selection of participants in the Constellation will also make it possible to maintain a certain territorial exclusivity for StarsBOXers who are members already. The StarsBOX website has an active Press section with all the publications in Italian and foreign newspapers: excellent advertising for StarsBOXers

How much do StarsBOXes cost?

Contact us for a personalised price estimate by sending us a request message from here

Where can a StarsBOX be installed?

StarsBOXes are designed to be installed even on a ground that is not completely flat (maximum slope 15%), any adaptation to the ground is possible by reducing the height of the rear feet during installation.

How does the installation of a StarsBOX work?

The StarsBOXes come with a kit containing all the elements required for assembly (structure, panelling, screws, etc.). The assembly kit also includes an instruction manual that explains each step of the installation process in detail. The assembly takes two people about three hours, and the installation of the roof tiles requires 3 people. Anyone with good manual skills can install a StarsBOX independently. Alternatively, we also offer an assembly service, which will be priced separately depending on the location. The purchaser is responsible for setting up the ground anchorage: the 4 supports on which the feet are to be fixed can be made from concrete cubes or wooden poles (approx. 20 cm in diameter) inserted into the ground in accordance with the dimensions indicated in the assembly instructions. The size of the supports depends on the type of soil and local weather conditions and is under the responsibility of the purchaser.